Usability Studies

19.05.2015   Teilen auf  Facebook Twitter Google+

It’s been a while since our last blog post and that’s because we have been busy at the LOCLET headquarters.

Quite busy, in fact. The development of our app is coming along well and we’ve been sticking our heads together over early beta versions. Not just among ourselves, though - in fact we had over two dozen early testers come in for usability studies.

Mara, our head of usability research, took each participant through a 20min session with different usage tasks. Previously, we had tested a new format of riddles (drumroll ;-) in the form of a paper prototype, which users could now experience in the demo app. They were accompanied by a fantastic contraption of two cameras and a screen recorder:

The overall feedback was very useful and helped us validate and revise some of the interaction concepts in our main screen. You will have to hold your breath a little longer until we release a public beta. However, here is a sneak peek to sweeten your week: