Happy Birthday, Gerardus!

05.03.2015   Teilen auf  Facebook Twitter Google+

As you might have noticed by today’s Google Doodle, March 5th 2015 marks the 503rd birthday of Gerardus Mercator.

Gerardus Who? Well, essentially Mr. Mercator was the first person to figure out how to properly put the earth’s spherical geometry on a 2D map, which could then be used for pastime activities like… navigating the world’s oceans, for instance.

Even though it has some limitations, the Mercator projection remains in use until today and (in a slightly refined version) is the basis for most web maps you interact with every day.

At LOCLET we’re huge fans of Mercator and his brainchild (at least up and down to almost ±85° latitude ;-). Here’s to you, Gerardus: